White Rice Is Worse for Your Blood Sugar Levels Than Sodas

Did you know that White Rice is one of the major concerns regarding diabetes? In fact, health authorities believe it’s a bigger risk factor for diabetes than sugary drinks.

Zee Yoong Kang, the CEO of the Health Promotion Board, explains that sweet soda drinks and obesity are the major causes of diabetes in the West.

However, Asians are more prone to developing the disease than Caucasians, which means people don’t have to be obese to be at risk. Instead, starchy white rice increases the levels of high blood sugar, thus raising the risk of diabetes.

The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a meta-analysis analyzing the results of 4 studies which involved 350,000 people. Researchers followed the participants in the course of 4 to 20 years and discovered some pretty shocking results.

One of them was the fact that eating a single plate of white rice every day increases the risk of diabetes by 11%.

Next, the study showed that Chinese and other Asians eat 4 servings of cooked rice a day, while Australians and Americans just 5 servings per week.

Still, scientists don’t plan to ask Asians to stop eating their most popular feature of meals there, rice. Instead, they like to inspire people to switch to healthier varieties.

What Are the Healthier Varieties?
When it comes to blood sugar spikes, the long grain white rice is better than the short one. In other words, the long grain doesn’t raise blood sugar levels as much as the short grain white rice.

This is important as blood sugar spikes increase the production of insulin in the pancreas. If this happens too often, it can gradually lead to diabetes.

Moreover, scientists recommend adding at least 20% of brown rice to your serving of white rice. According to them, that amount is enough to lower the risk of diabetes by 16%.

In other words, you don’t have to replace the white rice with another variety completely. All you have to do is raise the amount of brown rice and whole grain.

According to the Health Minister of Singapore, diabetes is already costing the country over $1 billion annually. This disease is a major cause of kidney failure, blindness, and amputations in the country.

The diabetes expert Dr. Stanley Liew recommends consuming less rice, sodas, and junk food to reduce your risk of diabetes.

White Rice Is Worse for Your Blood Sugar Levels Than Sodas

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