Learn How To Whiten Your Teeth With These Easy Tips

Over time, a mineral deposit called tartar, builds up on everyone’s teeth and turns them yellow. Mostly considered a cosmetic nuisance, if not taken care of in a really long time it may cause a very serious condition called periodontitis.

An occasional doctor’s visit is usually the best way to whiten your teeth. But there are a few ways you can do it yourself at home and continually maintain your beautiful white pearls.First, you should try with baking soda, believed to be the most successful way to whiten teeth.

You start with mixing 1 tablespoon of baking soda and half a tablespoon of salt in a cup. Then you dip your toothbrush in the mix, after you soaked it in warm water. Now, you scrub your teeth, spit and repeat this for five minutes.

Second, try hydrogen peroxide, by mixing a full cup of it with half a cup of warm water. Then, you rinse you mouth with the solution for a minute, spit and wash your mouth with some cool water.

Third, you take a dental pick and try to scrape the tartar off your teeth very gently. Also you should be very careful not to hurt your gums in the process.

The fourth method is to wash your mouth with antiseptic mouth wash every second day.

Food can also help to keep your teeth white and healthy. Rich in vitamin C, rubbing tomatoes and strawberries can soften the build up on your teeth. First, rub your teeth with these fruits and leave it for 5 minutes. Then, you should rinse with some water and baking soda. Similar foods that you can use are berries, lime, oranges, bell peppers, lemons and even papaya.

Also, if you eat cheese before your meal, mostly Cheddar and Swiss cheese, can help fight the acids that create the yellow color. The older the cheese, the more efficient it is.

In the end, here are some short tips you can apply every day.

Your toothbrush should be very soft and when you wash your teeth do vertical strokes very carefully, so not to damage your gums. Regular flossing is very important and massaging your teeth with orange peel before bed can help too. Also, stimulate saliva by eating spicy food since its primary function is to take care of your teeth’s wellbeing.

Learn How To Whiten Your Teeth With These Easy Tips

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